Vox Boulder

Carrie Goldin, M.Ed

Vox Boulder will work with your student to:

Identify extracurricular and passion projects that inspire.

Recommend summer activities and internships.

Develop a list of colleges, noting opportunities for merit-based scholarships.

Refine high school coursework plans, testing schedules, and extracurricular activities.

Strategize and process college visits.

Mentor your student through each aspect of the application process with a strategic and stress-free approach, all in session with no work to do at home.

Brainstorm and provide feedback on personal statements and essays.

Evaluate offers of admission and celebrate!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience while going through this important process. Carrie is truly phenomenal at her job!”

Student, Class of 2020

Carrie Goldin, M.Ed

Carrie Goldin founded Vox Boulder after spending nearly twenty years working in higher education, most recently in college admissions. She has a passion for the college selection process and helping students find their fit.

Carrie spent significant time counseling students through their decision-making and learning what various colleges and universities have to offer. She has worked at elite research institutions across the country, understands the various cultures, and brings the perspective of a liberal arts college (the University of Chicago) as well as large public universities (CU-Boulder, University of South Carolina, and Florida State University).

Her love for college campuses has led her to visit dozens of schools both personally and professionally and has inspired a history of spontaneously taking detours simply to wander around a university’s grounds.


“I cannot say enough about the value Carrie brought to the college application process for my daughter.  After understanding her goals, she walked her through some potential schools that might be a match, and once the (long!) list was determined, she walked with her side-by-side during the onerous application process answering many questions from us. Carrie provided focus, leadership and expertise every step of the way.  I know my daughter very much valued Carrie’s expertise and patience during the whole process.   Also, Carrie kept my daughter “on task” and met with her very regularly so she knew what she had to do next. And she got into her reach school!  I can’t say enough about Carrie. She is amazing and brings such knowledge to a process that can be very complex and confusing.  Well worth the investment for us.”

Parent, Class of 2020

“Having two boys going through the adventure of finding the right college seemed like a daunting task until we met Carrie. Carrie empowered my sons to not only explore their passions and find the right school that would be the best fit, but also allowed them to own the process. It helped them mature and get excited about their choices. Working with Carrie was a gift for all of us.” 

Parent, Class of 2020

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